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The signage you use to promote your business has a significant impact on the way potential customers find and perceive you. Attractive high-quality signs by a sign company near me support your goals for attracting and converting visitors into customers.

The right blend of indoor and outdoor signage elements piques curiosity about your products or services and encourages people to visit your facility. Whether you need blade signs, channel letter signs, roof or monument signs, we offer the right solution for your unique needs and goals.

Outdoor Signage

A business’s outdoor signage is a key tool for long-term brand recognition and visibility. Queens Sign Company near me offers a variety of custom exterior signs to meet your business’s specific needs and objectives. Their team of experienced designers and installers work closely together to provide a high-quality end product that will leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Channel and dimensional letters are ideal for storefronts, as they are highly customizable and can be used to display a wide range of text, numbers, symbols, and logos. These signs are also highly durable and can withstand harsh weather conditions. In addition, they can easily be modified to ensure that all fonts and colors adhere to your company’s branding guidelines.

Monument signs are a great option for larger businesses and institutions. They are often made of stone, wood, foam, and other durable materials and can be designed by etching or fitting panels on their surface that portray texts, images, and symbols. These are often found at the entrance of schools, hospitals, organizations, churches, government agencies, and multi-business spaces. They can be enhanced with digital message boards to make them more attractive and useful for your audience.


If you are open at night or want to have your advertising visible during all hours of the day, then lighted signs are a good choice for your business. They can be illuminated from the inside, from the top, or from the bottom and come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and heights to suit your needs. These are also popular in convenience stores, gas stations, malls, and restaurants.

For businesses that want to attract more foot traffic, a large, brightly colored canopy sign is a great way to get attention and draw in potential customers. They are available in a number of different colors and can be custom-designed to meet the specifications of your location. Sign compan are a perfect choice for salons, galleries, hotels, and many other types of businesses. They are also ideal for outdoor events like festivals and markets, as they can be displayed easily on a tent frame.

Indoor Signage

Indoor signs that promote safety and team morale are a must for factories, warehouses, distribution centers and similar facilities. Queens Sign makers near me can design and create a full range of interior signage to help you achieve your goals for this aspect of your business. Whether you need complex wall and floor murals and graphics or simply fire exit and other danger-avoidance signs, we can provide the quality indoor signage products that will meet your needs and express your brand’s unique personality at the same time.

The way customers navigate your office space, retail store, shopping center or other location plays a big part in how they perceive the overall experience and quality of your organization. Creating a customer journey map and adapting your physical space accordingly is a great way to maximize customer loyalty, which can be further enhanced with appropriate indoor directional signs that make it easy for customers to find their way around.


Properly labeled merchandise is another essential element of indoor business signage. This will make it easier for customers to choose what they want and need, which is sure to increase your sales conversion rates. Additionally, ensuring that your interior signage is compliant with ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) standards will protect you from fines and other legal troubles and provide a better experience for customers who are traveling in wheelchairs, pushing strollers or rolling bags, or using crutches or furniture dollies.

Digital signage is an eye-catching form of indoor advertising that can be used to display a variety of images and information. This can include video, web pages, text and more. This is a flexible option that can be changed frequently and easily, making it a great choice for businesses looking to stay relevant with their audiences.

Plaques are a type of indoor business sign that can be mounted to doors and walls. They can feature logos, brand colors and are designed to grab attention from passersby. They are available in a variety of materials including bronze, brass, brushed stainless steel and etched metal and can be illuminated to create a more striking effect.

Vehicle Wraps

A vehicle wrap is an effective way to market a company’s brand, services, and products on the go. These eye-catching graphics can be used on any business vehicle, including large trucks and vans as well as small cars. It’s a cost-effective advertising solution that can expand your marketing reach beyond the boundaries of your physical location and into new markets.

The graphics can be designed to showcase your company’s name, logo, and other images, or they can simply be a simple message that lets the world know who you are and what you do. If you need more flexibility, individual vinyl graphics are available that can be moved and changed without affecting the overall look of your vehicle wraps.

Full vehicle wraps cover the entire surface of your car, truck, or other business vehicle and make a big impact on those who see it. They’re especially effective in crowded areas and locations where traffic is heavy. This type of advertising also costs less than other types of marketing, and it can be taken down and reinstalled at any time.

Partial Vehicle

Partial vehicle wraps can be placed on your business vehicles to advertise specific services, products, or events that you’re currently running. They can also be designed to include your contact information in a prominent location so that potential customers will be able to find you easily.

Aside from showcasing your company’s branding, image, and messaging, vehicle wraps can also help to protect your car, truck, or other business vehicle. The high-quality materials and design of these graphics will ensure that they’re durable against the elements and won’t damage your paint or exterior finish.

Whether you have a single car or a whole fleet of business vehicles, the right sign company can handle them all. They can design, print, and install custom vehicle wraps that are tailored to your budget, brand image, physical location, and marketing goals. They can even create ADA-compliant signs that will aid differently-abled customers and clients as they move through your business premises.

Sign Maintenance

Even the most durable sign will require maintenance and repairs at some point. Lighted and electrical signs experience maintenance issues at a higher rate because there is simply more that can go wrong with them. Whatever the issue, our experienced team can repair your sign to its original state with ease.

Signs that go unmaintained don’t just look bad; they reflect negatively on your company and lead to a lower customer-base. It’s important to come up with a maintenance plan that will keep your signage looking pristine for the long term. Choosing a professional sign company near me will allow you to schedule regular cleanings and inspections to catch issues before they become bigger problems.

Signage maintenance can include cleaning, repairing and replacing parts. For example, if your sign has metal components that are exposed to the elements, they may suffer from corrosion. In this case, a sign repair company will remove the affected areas and apply a fresh coat of paint or rust inhibitor to prevent further damage.


Another common issue that can impact the aesthetics of your sign is fading graphics. Sign companies use UV-protected materials to ensure your sign’s colors remain vibrant and crisp for a long time. However, if the sun’s UV rays cause the graphics on your sign to fade, it will need to be repaired or replaced.

Lighted and electrical signs can also suffer from power loss, lighting issues or burnt-out bulbs. If your lighted or electrical sign is experiencing any of these problems, it’s best to contact an experienced sign company right away.

Sign companies also provide general maintenance services for your display’s overall health and appearance. Regular inspections can catch pest infestations and accumulating dirt before they have the chance to cause further damage to your sign.

A well-maintained sign will bring in more customers and help you grow your business. It’s vital to choose a sign company that can offer a variety of personalized solutions that are tailored to your needs, budget restrictions, physical location and branding strategy. Contact a local sign company near you to learn more about their offerings and to set up a consultation.

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