Must Watch Shows on Netflix Right Now


Netflix has been around with some amazing shows for a while now. However, what are some of the best that you MUST WATCH when you first subscribe to the site? We have listed down what we think are the top three Netflix shows you should watch when you first start your subscription!

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1. Stranger Things

The reason Netflix is a yardstick for sci-fi programs is Stranger Things. The program has you covered whether your taste is in an 80s nostalgia trip or a science-fiction thriller. The narrative centers on small child Will, who becomes trapped in a parallel realm as his friends do everything to get him back. Set in the 1980s, the show revolves on the people of the fictional tiny town of Hawkins, Indiana, who are afflicted by a hostile alternative realm called the Upside Down following the opening of a neighboring human research facility between Earth and the Upside Down.

The show has a stellar cast with members who have gone on to do amazing work beyond just Stranger Things. As the final season approaches us, we cannot recommend a better time to try out the show and experience why the show is as big as it is.

2. Cobra Kai

Karate Kid is an ongoing famous movie series from the 1980s, Cobra Kai is a continuation of This program is just up your alley if you like the first Karate Kid films. Following Willian Zabka’s character, Johnny, as he searches for his purpose in life and launches his own Karate Dojo, Comprising the whole Karate Kid movie ensemble, the play is an emotional rollercoaster. Ralph Macchio also performs his competitor Daniel La Russo’s part. Their chemistry is unmatched to this day. The show still retains the charm of the original series but is more cinematic than the OG because of modern tech. The show features amazing fights and character moments which make it a must-watch. The final season of the show will be released this year, concluding Johnny’s redemption journey.

3. Queen’s Gambit


Excellent Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit adapts the novel of the same name. It is not surprising that the program elevated Anya Taylor Joy, the main actress, as a gifted actor on the map. With insight into the lesser-known world of chess, the life of women in the 1960s, and—let’s not forget—the exquisitely crafted couture, the seven-episode-long story is as suspenseful as it is fascinating.

The show probes the life of chess prodigy Beth Harmon. Set in the Cold War, the drama follows Beth from an orphanage to the top of the chess world, stressing her battles with addiction and the demands of rivalry. The program deftly blends great character development with fierce chess battles to provide an emotional and exciting story. Fans of intense drama and great narrative should definitely see The Queen’s Gambit for its amazing cinematography, period-accurate details, and potent acting.

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