Mordhau: 7 Best Perks, Ranked

The best Mordhau players know how to use their perks to their advantage. Some of the best perks in the game are shown here.

Mordhau is a popular online medieval hack-and-slash game made by Triternion. Players fight in huge battles and sieges in this game. Most of the game is played from the first-person view, and it has some of the best first-person melee action, but you can also play from the third-person view if you prefer.

Every time a player starts a new game, they can choose a mercenary from a list of pre-made ones or one they made themselves. Each of these mercenaries has a loadout that includes perks, weapons, armor, and other things that help them do their jobs. Each loadout can cost up to 48 points, and players can choose as many perks as they want in Mordhau as long as they are ready to give up the best armor and weapons. Depending on how strong they are, these perks cost different amounts of money.

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