Land Rover Discovery 5, Common Engine Issues

A perfect companion for your off-adventures, bring your family along as well but prepared

The big and expensive Discovery 5 is a highly capable off-road SUV with a plush cabin. Discovery 5 is an advanced model of the vehicle and has a very strong engine to pull the SUV on different terrains. The producer of Discovery 5 offers a warranty but the engine may start showing problems before the expiration of the guarantee period. It depends largely on the dealer how he is going to tackle the issue. There are many rude dealers out there who are after money and do not offer services if an issue arises afterward.

People buy Discovery 5 and other Discovery models because of the positive aspects aside from the negativities. But if the trend is going to remain consistent as it is now then people may divert to other options. The vehicle is expensive to buy and it is very expensive when you have to maintain it. so you need constant money to have a Land Rover Discovery 5.

Without a doubt, this is one of the excellent crossovers out there, and people dream of getting one. The space inside plus the amount of comfort it offers even when on rough paths make it a gem for the adventurous soles. There has to be some check and balance so that the reliability issues of Land Rover Discovery 5 engine and elsewhere can be attended to on time without causing hassle on part of the buyer every time the car is out on the road or off it.

On part of the owner, one thing has to be made certain. That is to maintain the vehicle properly. First of all, find a reliable service station that has the most positive rating from other Land Rover users. This has to be done so that you know that the person is a trained professional master in his work so that the problem can be traced rightly and the issue solved once and for all. A wrong diagnosis is certainly a big disaster.


Some common issues reported

Oil Leakage

Oil leakage is one of the common problems of Discovery 5 engines. It is quite strange for such a costly vehicle to persist with engine problems. Oil leakage alone is not a big problem but when not communicated by oil gauge then all of the sudden engines seize. This out-of-blue situation disappoints people and they get frustrated. You do not know when this could happen to your Discovery 5. You have to check it physically, pathetic. After spending a huge amount, this kind of exercise seems hilarious.

Broken Crankshaft

A broken crankshaft is another common issue in the SUV. It is again really disturbing and causes engine failure. The engine is the only powerhouse of a vehicle and its failure is disastrous for a vehicle that is often supposed to go off-road. Engine failure has been reported with SD6 3.0 liter V6 diesel engine and SD4 diesel engine. Metal parts are found in oil due to friction between engine parts. Piston rings are the parts that fail and cause these tiny metal parts present in engine oil. The petrol engine for the vehicle also has issues. Discovery 5 2.0-liter petrol engine model recalled due to reports of fuel leakage that could cause a fire.

Crankshaft Pulley bolt issue

Engine problems with Discovery 5 are not very big but their impact is disastrous. All of a sudden engine breakdown is very disturbing for the driver. Crankshaft pulley bolt problem is also commonly reported with V6 Discovery 5 engines. These problems happen without prior signs so you are caught in surprise, which aggravates the situation further.

Turbo failure

Turbo failure of an engine makes your car slow to progress and may stop it. Seized auto-car and turbo hose split could be a reason for the turbo failure. Sometimes turbo stops functioning so you have to either repair it. You can notice this problem when speed acceleration or progress becomes slow and weak engine performance. Oil consumption increases and more than normal smoke from the exhaust pipe. Thus the problem is not as dangerous as engine breakdown without any prior alert.

 Malfunction of diesel injector

This problem made the cylinder overheat and the rest of the scenario followed almost instantly. This issue can cause permanent damage to the engine and replacement will be necessary. The hold in the cylinder got burned and it became misshaped and the head got damaged. All this can lead to a sad ending for a gem. This issue can occur when you are purchasing a second-hand Discovery 5. Not a pleasant one to deal with especially when there is no prior warning so that precautionary measures could be taken.

For one reason or another, engine replacement seems to be a very common thing for a Discovery 5 which causes a very negative impact on the buyer. No matter how careful one is buying a second-hand vehicle can fire back at any time. go for the dealer who is reliable and could be of help when needed. This can undo some of the stress from the damage.

The problems with Discovery 5 are not in big numbers. But when you are talking about the replacement of a major component, the powerhouse of the vehicle, it does pinch a lot. The money involved in repairing or replacing parts is not less. As much as the Discovery costs the repair could cost equal capital sometimes. So much to ask from a person who already spent a fortune on buying the SUV. The issues that are stated as common are not the only ones this vehicle could face. There can be many individual experiences that owners face and those can be disturbing as well if not attended by a skilled person.

There has to be a solution for these issues. Most people ignore the negative sides as there are many positive aspects as well. There is driving fun even when you are off-roading and with it the most important thing is comfort. But you can afford this vehicle when there is a heavy amount of money in your pocket or else this product is not yours to own.

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