Truck accidents are peculiar and handled very differently from other vehicular accidents for several reasons. To begin with, trucks are larger vehicles and pose more threats on the road and to other road users. A fully loaded truck can weigh over 80,000 pounds, a juggernaut compared to small cars. A collision or impact with such a machine is almost always fatal, especially if the other vehicle is much smaller. They are also very difficult to steer because of their size. They have several blind spots, they have heavy crates and cargo attached to them which are potentially hazardous if strapped in loosely and they are notorious for brake failures.

Government Intervention to Curtail Truck Accidents.

In a bid to drastically reduce and possibly eradicate truck accidents, federal laws and regulations have been implemented and enforced. These laws have reduced incidents of trucking accidents while also providing room for litigation if they are violated. For instance, truck drivers are restricted to defined hours of service that limit their driving hours ensuring they are well-rested and alert when behind the wheel. They are not allowed to drink or be under any foreign influence while driving and operating other machinery like phones when behind the wheel is forbidden. Strict adherence to these laws has successfully dropped the rate of trucking accidents. However, there are still incidents caused by negligence and violation of these guidelines. Trucking companies will always lawyer up and shift blame to the drivers to protect themselves from litigation. Victims seeking justice need to hire a truck accident attorney to represent their interests and ensure they are well compensated.

Steps To Take in The Aftermath of a Truck Accident.

There are three major steps to take when involved in a truck accident.

Call The Police.

Immediately request the help and presence of law enforcement. This is most important as they will properly secure and document the accident scene providing important data that will be used in a suit. Throughout their investigation, they will provide a police report which will contain important information such as witness statements, surveillance footage, detailed report of the accident scene, opinion on who was at fault, and contact information of the parties involved and their employees.

Seek Immediate Medical Assistance.

If the victim is injured, which is usually the case in truck accidents, medical help should immediately be sought. Some injuries are immediately apparent, some are internal and take time to manifest. Whichever the case, the victim should not hesitate to be properly evaluated by a medical professional. This assessment will also produce a much-needed medical report that will be used as evidence during compensation negotiations and litigation.

Hire A Truck Accident Attorney.

The next most logical and important step at this stage is to hire the services of the best truck accident attorney the victim can find. Once this is done, the weight of the works shifts from the victim to the able lawyer who is skilled in truck accident litigation. The lawyer will be responsible for proving the fault of the trucker, establishing who the driver works for, gathering other relevant evidence such as drug and alcohol use at the time of the accident, and charging the insurance company to pay out compensation for damages. If the trucking company and insurance company refuse to settle, the attorney will file a lawsuit on behalf of the client and begin the fight to compel them to offer a handsome settlement.


Truck accident lawsuits can be very complicated and more damaging than any other kind of vehicular accident. Understanding them and knowing how to handle them when they occur saves a lot of

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