Exploring the Low Taper Mullet Hairstyle


In the ever-evolving international world of fashion and beauty, behind-the-scenes trends are often placed lower back in the highlights, revived, and reshaped according to current tastes. One such fashion that is reviving these days is the mullet hairstyle. While the mullet may have additionally once been related to past technology, it has experienced a renaissance in reputation, particularly in the form of a low taper. Combining elements of conventional and modern designs, the Low taper mullet offers a fresh take on this iconic hairstyle. In this newsletter, we’ll delve into the low cone mullet, explore its origins, and features, and how to master this funky-chic look with confidence.

Origins of the Low taper mullet:

To understand the low taper mullet, it is important to first examine the origins of the mullet. The mullet made its mark in the 1970s and 1980s, becoming synonymous with the generation’s rebellious spirit and edgy aesthetic. Characterized by quick sideburns and long back hair, the mullet has become a favorite among musicians, athletes, and counterculture icons.

The evolution of the Low taper mullet:

Over the years, the mullet has undergone various modifications, adapting to changing fashion features and cultural shifts. The low tapered mullet in its most modern incarnation gives this traditional hairstyle an up-to-date twist. The key difference is the tapering of the edges, which creates an extra diffused and delicate silhouette compared to regular mullets. This gradual transition from short to long hair adds volume and flexibility to the cut, making it suitable for a wider range of face shapes and personal styles.

Low Cone Mullet Features:

The low-cone mullet is characterized by a number of amazing abilities:

Tapering Sides: Unlike the abrupt juxtaposition of short and long hair seen in traditional mullets, the low taper mullet features a slow taper around the edges. This softer transition creates a sleeker look while maintaining the typical mullet shape.

Length Variation: While the back of the hair remains longer in the proper mullet style, the period can vary depending on individual desire. Some may opt for a more dramatic upper and lower back contrast, while others may opt for a more balanced method with slightly shorter lengths.

Textured Layers: To add movement and volume to the hairstyle, textured layers are regularly integrated throughout the hair. This method will help you save the mullet from a flat or outdated behavior, giving it a modern area.

Styling Versatility: One of the defining characteristics of the low taper mullet cone is its versatility when it comes to styling. 

How to rock alow taper mullet mullet:

Are you ready to embrace the funky and chic appeal of a low taper? Here are some tips to achieve and maintain this trendy hairstyle:

Consultation: Before taking the plunge, schedule a consultation with an experienced hairstylist who specializes in modern cuts. They can verify your hair type, face shape and lifestyle to determine a satisfactory method to achieve your favorite look.

Customize Your Cut: Work with your stylist to customize a low-cut mullet to suit your body shape. Discuss elements that include the duration of the return, the degree of taper on the edges, and any precise styling strategies you want to include.

Maintenance is key: As with any cut, daily maintenance is essential to keep your mullet looking great. Plan to schedule chart touch-up appointments every few weeks to keep in shape and shorten any extra period.

Experiment with styling: Don’t be afraid to experiment with special styling strategies to find what works for you. Whether you opt for a sleek and polished look or a more messy texture, the low cone mullet offers endless possibilities for creativity.


The low taper mullet is a contemporary reinterpretation of the classic hairstyle, mixing retro appeal with modern flair. With its tapered aspects, textured layers, and styling versatility, this hairstyle offers a sparkly touch of long-lasting mullet, making it popular among fashion-forward people looking to make a statement with their look. Whether you’re interested in its rebellious roots or simply respect its quirky aesthetic, the low taper mullet is a hairstyle worth considering for those ready to embody ambitious fashion.

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