Enhancing Efficiency and Convenience With Remote Online Notarization

Enhancing Efficiency and Convenience With Remote Online Notarization

RON is an easy way to make it easier for businesses to close loans. RON provides an end-to-end digital procedure for a smooth closing experience.

Meeting in person can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes like missing signatures. Using an online notary solution with fraud prevention and similar built-in ID verification technology is faster, more accurate, and more secure.

Increased Efficiency

The streamlined nature of RON eliminates logistical complexities, reduces errors, and accelerates the timeline, making the process more efficient. This allows for more timely transactions, particularly when closing real estate deals or completing government forms.

Unlike traditional notarizations, which require signers to schedule and travel to meet with notaries, remote online notarizations can be completed from the convenience of an internet connection anywhere in the world. In addition, remote online notary platforms provide detailed audit trails, which ensure security and compliance.

Moreover, RON platforms like eNotary On Call use secure identity proofing technologies such as credential analysis to verify the signer’s identification documents and knowledge-based authentication (KBA) to confirm their identities before launching an audio-visual session. As a result, the likelihood of fraud and coercion is significantly reduced. A signed document facilitated through RON is protected by tamper-proof seals and saved for ten years, providing added peace of mind. During the COVID-19 pandemic, online notarizations have increased accessibility for government paperwork and helped people quickly get their affairs in order.

Increased Convenience

Working from home might have seemed like a pipe dream during the COVID-19 pandemic, but it has since proven beneficial for employers and employees. It’s a great way to avoid the cost and hassle of commuting and save time by not having to leave the house for work or lunch.

RON enables people to sign documents that require notarization remotely without rescheduling meetings or traveling to a physical location. This offers unparalleled convenience for individuals and businesses needing to finalize financial or legal documents.

Moreover, RON provides a secure signing environment that ensures the identities of both parties are authenticated with multiple methods. In addition to meeting state minimum requirements for ID proofing, RON providers use digital certificates, knowledge-based authentication, and verifying government-issued identification to create a multi-layer shield that prevents fraud. This ensures the RON process is a secure and trusted alternative to traditional notarizations.

Increased Security

In addition to providing efficiency and convenience, remote online notarization offers enhanced security for high-value transactions such as mortgage loan closings. RON is conducted in a secure audio-visual session and uses strong encryption to keep all documents and notary communications confidential.

It is customary for notaries to evaluate government-issued IDs in person carefully, but RON platforms offer a more efficient way of performing this task by performing identity credential analysis. Rather than relying on the notary to identify and confirm credentials, RON-compatible software checks for verifications such as a unique identifier, date of birth, and gender to ensure authenticity.

In addition, RON is designed to prevent signer identity fraud by using knowledge-based authentication (KBA), which requires the notary and the signer to answer questions from a list of potential answers correctly. This helps verify the signer’s identity before they join the audio-visual session, making RON much more secure than in-person notarizations. The digital process also creates a robust audit trail with an audio-visual recording and electronic journal.

Increased Revenue

During the COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses found that working from home was not only possible but highly lucrative. Similarly, with Remote Online Notarization, it’s now easier than ever for your customers to get their documents notarized without making time to visit your brick-and-mortar location.

RON is a secure online process that allows signers to connect with a notary through an online audio-visual session. Before starting the session, a notary performs identity proofing and credential analysis using commercial software provided by a third-party provider (Benchmark is currently vetting such vendors).

After the meeting, the notary creates a complete record of the transaction that includes the notarized document, photos of the government-issued ID presented to the notary, and an audio recording of the signing session. This record enables businesses to quickly access all the information they need, compared to traditional paper processes requiring only a notary’s journal entry. In addition, tools that flag any missed or incorrect fields allow you to identify and remediate errors proactively, potentially saving you costly delays.

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