Ember Knights: 8 Best Skills, Ranked

Ember Knights players will only be able to use two skills, so it’s important to know which ones will be the most useful over time.

Ember Knights players need to know what skills will help them the most if they want to survive the endless waves of enemies and difficult mini bosses. This is especially important because they can only equip two skills at a time, so it’s very important to choose the right ones.

In Ember Knights, there are several ways to get skills. Some appear at the beginning of a run, while others can be unlocked at Alan’s Shop. However, the most common way for players to choose their skills is from the Skill Selector, which can be found as a reward at the end of a room.

The Skill Selector will roll two random skills, so players will need a lot of luck to get a good one. However, there are a few skills that are much better than the rest and will make clearing rooms a breeze if used correctly. In Ember Knights, here are the best skills to choose.

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