Damages You Can Recover from a Motorcycle Accident

Recover from a Motorcycle Accident

In 2022, about 149 motorcyclists died on Colorado roads. This figure represents about 20% of the state’s traffic casualties. The number of motorcyclists who get involved in accidents every year is alarming. Motorcycle accidents can leave victims with many losses and costs. In personal injury cases, these are called damages. Legally, you can recover damages from the negligent party that caused the accident. But what damages are these? Keep reading to find out.

Medical Costs

Treatment costs contribute the biggest to motorcycle accident claims. In these accidents, the risk of severe injuries is high because motorcyclists aren’t protected by any metal body. It doesn’t help that, in Colorado, adult motorcyclists aren’t required to wear helmets. This is unfortunate as evidence has proved that such gear contributes to motorcycle safety. Medical costs related to motorcycle accidents can include:

  • Hospital bills
  • Future treatment
  • Physical therapy
  • Prescriptions and medications
  • Transport to and from doctors’ appointments

Depending on how severe the accident is, you can pay up to tens of thousands of dollars. Compensation from the claim helps offset these costs.

Loss of Earning Capacity/ Lost Wages

After an accident, you may have to take a couple of weeks or more to recover from the injuries. That means you will miss work. When filing a claim, include this as one of the losses you have incurred. Keep track of the days you have to miss work. You should also note raises or bonuses you could have received if you were at work.

On the other hand, an injury can reduce your earning capacity. For example, if a motorcycle accident injured your hands and now they’re weak or tremor from time to time, you won’t be able to work the same way you did before. This is another loss you have incurred, and you should be able to claim it.

Emotional Suffering

Emotional suffering is counted under non-economic damage. Apart from physical injuries, a motorcycle accident can also leave emotional scars. It’s difficult to quantify emotional damage because you can’t see or touch them. Consult with a Denver motorcycle accident attorney about your case. They can review the details and determine how to quantify the emotional suffering you have gone through because of the accident.

Motorcycle Repair or Replacement

Your motorcycle can also get damaged during an accident. This qualifies you to include the cost of fixing the motorcycle in your claim. Keep all the receipts and invoices you receive for repairing the motorcycle. The damage might also be too severe for the motorcycle to be repaired. The insurance company will compensate you for the cost of replacing the motorcycle.

Punitive Damages

Usually, damages are awarded to compensate the victim for their loss. But other times, the court can award the victim punitive damages to punish the negligent party. This happens when the wrong done to the injured party is so serious. For instance, if drunk driving leads to an accident, the court can award the victim punitive damages to punish the drunk driver.

Wrongful Death Damages

Some motorcycle accidents can lead to death. If your loved one dies from a motorcycle crash, you can file a wrongful death claim. The compensation can cover funeral and burial costs, any medical costs the deceased incurred while in the hospital, lost wages, and loss of consortium. Losing a loved one can leave a huge financial and emotional burden. While the compensation can’t match the loss of life, it lessens the financial strain on those left behind.

Motorcycle accidents lead to serious or life-changing effects. Recovering damages is the only way victims can be compensated for the losses incurred. If you or a loved one is in such a situation, talk to a motorcycle accident attorney to understand how damage works.

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