Complexities Around Electric Scooter Claims

For anyone working as a personal injury lawyer in the big cities around the country, there is one particular type of claim which we are seeing more and more of, and that is electric scooters. These vehicles are on the rise and currently there are more trips being taken via this mode of transport than ever before. Unfortunately whilst this is a great mode of transport to take for commuters, there are some very clear risks which we cannot ignore, and this is why we are seeing such a rise in these cases. These cases in particular can be a little complex, and here is exactly why.

Driver Behaviors

One aspect which is most certainly contributing towards the increase in accidents on our roads is the familiarity of drivers with these scooters. Even in the last couple of years we have only seen a small volume of these vehicles on the road, but now this is something which has changed dramatically. As more scooters hit the road, drivers simply have to learn about them and drive differently when they are around.

How Riders Operate

In the case of most scooter riders they are also car drivers and therefore have a good understanding of what the rules of the roads are. With this being said however there are also a number of riders who do not, and who have no history of using the road in any other form of transportation. We often see these riders using the road as they wish, snaking in and out of traffic and generally riding with a disregard to others on the road. This is quickly becoming the most common cause of accident involving these vehicles. Many riders who have been injured speak to law firms, who then find out that they in fact were liable for what took place.

Riders Without Safety Gear

One area of the low which isn’t as straight forward as it perhaps should be is the topic of rider safety with regards to the gear that they use. Strictly speaking there is no legal requirement for these people to wear helmets, but it is something which is recommended by the scooter providers. The reason why the providers will ensure that they give advice like this is of course to make sure that they themselves are protected from any liability. This is also why in most cases, it comes down to the injured party and the other party involved in the collision, rather than any companies or transport manufacturers.

Road Construction Concerns

There is absolutely no doubt that the government have to do more with regards to the design of the roads, now that we have so many scooters using them. As is the case with most things however, we have seen the scooters arrive before the infrastructure. Up until we see more designated space for these vehicles, personal injury lawyers are going to be seeing a steady stream of these kinds of cases coming through their doors.

We have to make sure that we adapt quickly to this trend in order to keep everyone safe.

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