5 Types of Cold Brew, Suitable for Drinking During Hot Temperatures

In the past, coffee was synonymous with drinks that were drunk when the temperature was cold. Over time, more and more variants of Cold Brew coffee have emerged. This makes coffee can be enjoyed when the air temperature is cold or hot.

  1. Cold brew

The term brewing coffee is always synonymous with hot water. However, this does not apply to this type of coffee drink. Cold brew is a coffee brewing technique by cooling water that has been mixed with coffee grounds. Making cold brew takes a long time, which is 18 to 24 hours. The process is easy to make this coffee. You can make yourself at home. The resulting coffee tends to be sweeter with a lower acidity level. As the name implies, cold brew is always served cold. You can find this drink at the nearest coffee shop. Even some supermarkets provide this coffee.

  1. Iced coffee milk

Who does not know this one drink? The reason is that coffee milk is popular among the people of Indonesia. The essence of this drink is a mixture of milk and coffee. In recent months, the popular variant of kopi susu is kopi susu, palm sugar. You don’t need to look for this one drink. Just walk a few kilos, and you will find this drink seller. Most coffee shops sell this drink with a mixture of ice cubes and plastic containers.

  1. Affogato

Maybe for some people, this drink sounds foreign to the ears. Affogato is espresso mixed with a scoop or two of ice cream. Most coffee shops use vanilla ice cream to make affogato. You can find this dish at the nearest coffee shop. Imagine the combination of the sweetness of ice cream with the bitterness of coffee on a hot afternoon.

  1. Frappe

Frappe is made from ice that is shaken with milk for added flavour. The variants range from coffee to non-coffee. Some coffee shops process this one drink in a blender. You will easily find this drink at the nearest coffee shop. In addition to coffee, coffee shops usually combine this drink with unusual ingredients such as various flavoured biscuits from well-known brands.

  1. Japanese ice coffee

If you are a black coffee lover, you must try this drink. Japanese Ice Coffee is a manual brewing method that combines ice and coffee. The brewers will ensure the presence of ice does not interfere with the taste of the coffee. The presence of ice is a component to support the taste of coffee that the brewer wants to serve. You can find this drink at coffee shops that provide manual brew menus. Remember that sometimes these drinks are not listed on the menu. Usually, this drink is a special request that the brewer must directly ask.

Tips for Choosing a Food and Beverage Delivery Service

The many choices of food and beverage delivery services can even make you confused. Moreover, because of the Cold Brew Delivery products, it takes carefulness in choosing a shipping company so that the product remains intact with a preserved taste. Here are three tips for you in choosing a safe shipping service:

  1. Find the Right Time

Punctuality is certainly one of the important considerations in choosing a cold brew coffee delivery service. How not? It would help if you made sure the food that is sent arrives before the quality decreases. To find this out, you can surf the internet to dig up information about the advantages and disadvantages of each shipping company. 

  1. Choose an Affordable Cost

The second tip is quite subjective. Some people prefer high prices, but products can be delivered safely and quickly, and others prefer low rates. It all comes back to consumer preferences. However, cheaper rates will certainly be more profitable for those of you who order products in large quantities from various sellers at once. 

  1. Security Guarantee

Because the product you send is food, you need security guarantees from the expedition. To ensure the safety of this product, you can choose a delivery service that provides special features to protect the goods. For example, giving a wooden box or additional bubble wrap.

  1. Ease of Tracking

This is still related to the security guarantee above. You should be able to track the food or drink you ship. This is to ensure that what you send is correct and on time.

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