4 Facts about Debt Collectors Must Bring Official Documents when Collecting Debts

Lona Huebner

Debt Collector Must Bring Debt Collection Documents

Debt Collector Must Bring Debt Collection Documents

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) warns debt collectors or debt collection agency always to carry official documents when collecting installments or debts from debtors so that the image of the financing industry is better.

“In carrying out vehicle billing, the company must ensure that the collection officer has been provided with several documents,” said the Chief Executive of the Non-Bank Financial Industry Supervisor and concurrently member of the OJK Board of Commissioners.

Here are the facts that debt collectors take forcibly when collecting debts.

1. Required Documents

The documents that debt collectors must bring are identity cards, professional certificates, letters of assignment, and proof of fiduciary guarantees. “The document must always be under and used to strengthen the legality or legal aspects when this withdrawal attempt is made,” he said.

2. commercial debt collection Violating the Rules of Law will be Strictly Penalized.

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) said it would take firm action against finance companies that use debt collectors who violate the law.

OJK spokesman Sekar Putih Djarot said that companies found to have violated the provisions would be subject to sanctions ranging from warnings, freezing of business activities, to revocation of business licenses.

“OJK will take firm action against finance companies that are proven to have violated the applicable regulations. OJK has imposed sanctions on many finance companies that do not comply with the provisions, in the form of warning sanctions, freezing of business activities, to revocation of business licenses.

3. Must be a Partner and Have a Professional Certificate.

OJK emphasized to all companies to ensure that all debt collectors must ensure that they have become partners and have specific professional certificates.

“Financial companies that use the services of debt collection agency london are required to ensure that all debt collectors who are partners with the company have professional certificates and follow the laws and regulations in the collection process to customers,” he said.

4. Creditors Must Conduct Evaluations

Although the government, through the Financial Services Authority Regulation Number 35/POJK.05/2018 concerning the Implementation of Financing Company Businesses allow finance companies to cooperate with third parties to collect financing. The financing company as the creditor party must continually evaluate the collection policies and procedures carried out by the creditor—third party.


“If necessary, finance companies may impose strict sanctions on third parties who violate regulations.



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