10 Most Beautiful Locations In Pikmin 4

In Pikmin 4, you’ll want to take in the view at these beautiful places.

Because the Pikmin are so small, the games can take place in strange and beautiful places that are hard to describe. Because Pikmin 4 has such beautiful graphics, every place is a treat for the eyes. In previous games, levels with similar color schemes mixed together, but in this one, each place is different, and you have to collect Sparklium to move on.

The variety is a strength, with places like industrial ruins and lush woods. These artistic places show that even though the Switch hardware is old, it can still make beautiful scenery. Pikmin 4 is one of the most beautiful Switch games right now, thanks to its art direction that makes the most of the hardware by putting it in a lot of different, memorable places. Every new area has interesting sights, which makes moving forward a visual prize.

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